About Padmodaya

Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School,Dang is both English and Nepali medium co-educational school established in 2004 BS.The School was declared Model Public Secondary School in 2062 BS, which provides well managed teaching and learning environment. Although it runs from Nursery to Grade 12 including CTEVT Annex Program from 2059 BS, it focuses on both foundation and college level students with quality education.Understanding the importance of English language,it has both English and Nepali medium instruction.Moreover,it has an aim for creating complete English medium environment.This is only the school of the district with multiple subjects in college level and distinct facilities for the students where the learners can boost up their potentialities and creativity through research and project work.


In order to fulfil the national goal of the state the school has the objective of leading the teaching learning environment in the entire zone depending on the principle of taking out the best out of the students’ inner self with the help of learner friendly environment and imparting quality education on the basis of prescribed curriculum.